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Affairs-Help with Emily Brown - An extramarital affair is one of the most painful experiences that couples face, and one of the greatest challenges for helping professionals. Whether you are seeking assistance in your personal life or you are a professional looking for training, this website is designed to help you, and to learn from you about your own experiences. - Home of Beyond Affairs Network (BAN) - There is little that is more painful than the feeling of love slipping through your fingers. If you have come here, you are probably someone who, though hurt and devastated by your spouse's proclamation that your marriage is over, refuses to accept it as a marital death sentence. I applaud you. You've come to the right place.

Marriage Builders - In this Marriage Builders® site, you will be introduced to some of the best ways to overcome marital conflicts and some of the quickest ways to restore love. Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr. has saved thousands of marriages from the pain of unresolved conflict and the disaster of divorce. His successful approach to building marriages can help you build yours. - An online magazine devoted exclusively to the marriage relationship. The Marriage Toolbox covers the full spectrum of marriage -- from creating a marriage to maintaining a healthy marriage to supporting couples who are challenged by the opportunities that a marriage relationship brings forth. New approaches, fresh perspectives, uplifting ideas and solutions for important marriage issues of today.

Practical Marriage Counseling Alternative - MarriageGym ™ for Women - Relationship Advice. Maybe you don't need Marriage Counseling. Make your dream marriage a reality, even if your husband is not interested in helping. Effective, practical relationship advice. By Women, for the woman of today. - CMFCE is an interest group whose members are convinced that family breakdown can be reduced through education and information. America's divorce rate has held steady at an unacceptable 50% for thirty years. That's for first marriages. The divorce rate is even higher for second and subsequent marriages -- which shows we don't learn from our mistakes. We learn through education.

The Gottman Institute - The Institute helps couples directly, and it provides state-of-the-art training to mental health professionals and other health care providers. The Gottman Institute applies leading-edge research on marriage in a practical, down-to-earth therapy and trains therapists committed to helping couples. No other approach to couples education and therapy has relied on such intensive, detailed, and long-term scientific study of why marriages succeed or fail.

While We Heal - Home of Parents' Commitments to their Children, A free, confidential, and engaging website for parents wishing to remember their children's needs as they work through marital problems.