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Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Westchester, NY

Creating a happy marriage is possible, and divorce is too often not the greener pasture that people hope it to be. Although at Gravett Law Firm, P.C. we make our living helping our clients through the thorny legal issues involved in a divorce, we do not encourage divorce. Therefore, this site is dedicated to providing resources to help couples who want to stay together. By providing information and resources about marriage counseling, we hope to encourage couples to get the help they need. The site also features articles, books and websites which may assist couples in creating happy, lasting marriages.


Enhancing Marital Communication

I’d like to begin with the following vignette. It’s fictional, but contains communication snafu’s that, although probably unintentional, can be wounding. How the wound is dealt with can determine if its effects are short-lived or if they become part of the catalog of complaints that one spouse holds and remembers about the other.

What to do if Your Spouse Won’t go to Counseling

The scenario of one spouse recognizing that therapy might be useful to look at a troubled relationship while the other is resistant has several possible explanations.

Marriage Maintenance

Couples whom I work with in marital therapy are often surprised by my response to their first question: “how long will we need to work with you to save our marriage?” I often tell them that while they may be coming to sessions with me for as little as three to six months, they will need to work hard at their marriage forever.

Separation and the Use of "Splitting"

When we hear the word splitting in the context of a separation or divorce, most of us probably think of "splitting up". I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce another use of the word that is particularly pertinent to people who are going through a separation or divorce.


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Timeout - by Marian Margulies

The Children of Divorce

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The Children of Divorce - by Marilyn Kotcher

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